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Whether it's working on your mindset to align with your long-term goals, taking the first step toward writing a book, or making your impact on the TEDx stage, it's time to stop procrastinating and get yourself to Behind the Power!

Hi, I’m Allyson Roberts. I’ll be hosting and serving you during these 3 glorious days together. I’ve served over 1,000 women and men just like you all over the world. I know what it takes to help you realize that YOU ARE a badass! Are you ready?

Allyson has been featured in

I felt called to attend Behind the Power. The first year I walked in knowing absolutely no one. The second year, I made my mom go with me. I moved to L.A. I’m pursuing my dreams and this never would have been possible without meeting Allyson Roberts and immersing myself in her methods for making dreams a reality.”

Dot Cloud - Actress and Writer

Behind the Power is for you
if the Problem and Solution make sense.

The Core Problem: Here’s the thing…You’re amazing! While that may not seem like a problem, you start to FEEL AND BELIEVE YOU’RE BROKEN or that something is seriously wrong with you when nothing is going as planned. This makes you start doubting yourself. You may wonder, “If I’m so amazing, why aren’t my goals and dreams manifesting? Why aren’t greater opportunities coming my way?” It can begin to feel like you’re wasting valuable time and not living your purpose. This is when you SHRINK, stop making offers, and stop showing up. This is when you STOP BEING YOUR TRUE SELF. That’s the underlying issue and the ripple effect is devastating for your personal life AND your business.

The Solution: Unleash your inner power and magnificence!…
Inside Behind the Power, we are on an UNWAVERING mission to reignite your purpose, passion and prosperity. Because YOU DESERVE IT! Dont’ forget that people need YOU and all of your unique gifts. We help you remember your WHY. We desire to help you SHINE BRIGHTLY, BE LOUDLY HEARD, and BE VALUED FOR YOUR WORTH! Are you ready to become UNSTOPPABLE?

How would your life transform if you unleashed your personal power?

Behind the Power is a Unique Experience

After hiring coach after coach and not seeing the results I craved in my business, I realized something. I needed more than a social media message board and Voxer. I wanted, face-to-face conversations, and deep dives into what was standing in my way. I needed strategy with a mixture of soulful connection. The more I opened up about this, the more I heard others saying, “ME, TOO!”


The last 3 events have brought together amazing people who understand that they are standing in their own way AND left with UNIQUE and EFFECTIVE ways to stop the madness and get into inspired action. This year I will personally teach my effective techniques that get you seen, heard, and paid.

If you are ready for Change, and you’ve tried things that have not worked, join us in this impactful experience and turn everything around Now!

The Behind the Power event transformed my life! It not only helped me understand how I was standing in my own way, but how to build solid action plans for my future. I can look back and see how my ideas have gone from paper to reality.
I wouldn’t have done this without attending Behind the Power!” Lucinda Bentley

What you’ll learn and the itinerary

After hiring coach after coach and not seeing the results I craved in my business, I realized something. I needed more than a social media message board and Voxer. I wanted, face-to-face conversations, and deep dives into what was standing in my way. I needed strategy with a mixture of soulful connection. The more I opened up about this, the more I heard others saying, “ME, TOO!”

Unwavering Vision. Relentless Action. Evolving Growth.

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Day One: Warm Welcome

(Not available to our virtual attendees) OCTOBER 17 5-7p.m.| RECEPTION/BOOK SIGNING/COCKTAILS

Join us for cocktails, mocktails, hors’dourves, and meaningful connection. Come dressed in whatever makes you feel like your most authentic self and get ready for this amazing kickoff to three revolutionary days of transformation and innovation.

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Day Two: Be Seen

(Fireside chat not available to virtual attendees and optional for in-person guests.) OCTOBER 18 | 830AM-5PM. EVENING FIRESIDE CHAT WITH ALLYSON 8PM-9PM

Day two begins the revolutionary steps to your greatest success. First, we walk you through an overall assessment of your business. Our formula surprises even the most savvy expert as hidden challenges and sabotaging beliefs surface. Next, we share our proven strategies to help set you apart with a properly positioned platform. This is crucial in today’s market if you want to stand out and attract your ideal clients. (The people pictured above have experienced the impact of Day 2 in their own lives. Now it’s YOUR turn!)

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Day Three: Be Heard

(Dinner presentation is not available to virtual attendees) OCTOBER 19 | 9AM-5PM. 7PM SPECIAL DINNER

We thoroughly examine the obstacles you're encountering with your financial situation, personal achievements, and public presence. During our program, but especially on Day 3, you'll gain valuable insights and receive personalized guidance on effective strategies that will revolutionize your circumstances. Additionally, on Day 3, we unveil the secrets of successfully securing a spot on the coveted TEDx stage, emphasizing the numerous benefits their platform offers in elevating your brand's reputation.

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Day Four: Be Paid

Available for virtual attendees OCTOBER 20 | 9AM-1PM

The final chapter of our time together culminates in an unrivaled blueprint for success, empowering action steps personally tailored to you, and the invaluable support of an accountability partner for the two transformative weeks following Behind the Power. Why? Because we understand that upon returning to the comforts of home, daily distractions can cloud your vision and dampen your motivation. That's precisely why we've meticulously developed a foolproof follow-up system that guarantees lasting results.

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience tailored exclusively for YOU. Embrace the luxury and attention you truly deserve.


Meet Our Speakers

Allyson Roberts

Allyson Roberts is the founder of Unapologetic Power, LLC and the creator of Personalized Science - her cognitive behavioral system of combining the science of the brain with spirituality. Allyson is recognized as Top 100 Coaches in the World by Feedspot and recently took the stage at TEDx/Federal Hill. Her programs are award winning making Allyson a highly respected and sought after transformational expert all around the globe. She is an International best-selling author with her latest book The Spiritual Journey - The Part No One Talks About - receiving recognition in dozens of podcasts and other media. Allyson has appeared on podcasts, television, radio, and as a guest speaker on multiple stages. Her mission is to help other entrepreneurs and executives share their stories in order to build their brand that forms a deep bond with their clients and customers. Allyson knows the frustration of chasing clients, holding webinars where no one shows and/or resulting in zero sales, and the feeling of despair that brings. So, she created Unapologetically Launched, a program that gets her clients on TEDx stages, best sellers lists, and is a one-stop-shop for building programs that SELL OUT!

Featured Speakers

Todd Sylvester

Todd is a powerful Mental Fitness Coach for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, anxiety, depression, self-hatred, etc., where he provides one-on-one mentoring to both local and international clients.

Described as having “a unique gift to develop trusting relationships quickly,” Todd has guided thousands to recovery, finding joy again, and other behavioral successes through the individualized support he offers to each client.

His ability to “speak to a person’s soul and help them find their true motive to change” has been the key to inspiring others to make permanent lifestyle changes.

Todd’s profound influence grew from his own personal experience — a journey from self-hatred and hopelessness to faith and recovery.

At a young age, Todd was exposed to drugs and alcohol and quickly became addicted. Years of rampant drug abuse lead to devastating failures and a conclusion that his young life had nowhere left to go.

Now, he shares his story through his books, podcast, and on stages encouraging those hurting to understand and believe that there is a better path waiting for them - the one they were born to experience.

Kim Nishida

Kim Nishida, founder and CEO of Ready to Evolve, has more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing and coaching. She specializes in helping healers, intuitives, coaches and personal development leaders fall in love with marketing in a way that makes it easy to attract their most beloved clients and customers from a place of 100% authenticity and alignment so they can help more people and live an abundant and deeply fulfilling life.

She has personally orchestrated multi-million dollar launches and has been a sought after “best kept secret” responsible for the growth of some of the biggest names in the coaching and transformational leader spaces for more than 15 years.

As an entrepreneur, Kim learned the hard way that building a business simply by following the latest marketing trends and tactics often leads to encountering major resistance, feeling like a fraud and sacrificing who you are. Finding the courage to stay true to herself while leveraging wicked smart strategies and making them her own has been her favorite part of the journey.

A certified marketing coach and bestselling author, Kim has been featured on podcasts including The Expert’s Roadmap, Positive Talk Radio, Spiritual Rockstar and has spoken on stages nationwide, including Behind the Power 2021.

Deon Norris

Deon Norris brings over a decade plus of experience assisting the U.S. Government, Individuals, Small Businesses, Fortune 500 companies and Non-Profit Organizations in a variety areas to include accounting, audit, internal controls, process improvement and tax related matters. In addition, he has also brings a wealth of project management experience to the table. He has oversaw budgets upwards of $30 billion, formulated and implemented critical financial strategies, and built relationships with key stakeholders and leaders. With his rare blend of accounting, finance and tax Deon has established himself of one of the future leaders in the finance industry. He has experience with the Big 4 audit and accounting firms to include time at Deloitte and KPMG. He is a U.S ARMY Paratrooper Veteran and proud supporter of veteran, first responders and teacher services. During his time in the military Deon was the comptroller of a Special Forces Battalion as an enlisted person. Deon holds degrees in Accounting (Bachelors and Masters), Marketing (Masters), and an MBA. In addition to these degrees he also holds active CPA licenses in the states of Maryland and Virginia as well as being a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

All Speakers

Angelique Binet

Angélique Binet is an online visibility strategist for women entrepreneurs who want to fall in love with their fear of becoming V.I.S.I.B.L.E. She is also the host of The Real Story Behind Her Business Show, Paid Media Strategist, and Founder of Social Media Love, Her mission: To amplify women’s visibility online and inwards - one post, one video, one belief at a time - from a place of ease & joy. She helps 6-figure earning, service-based women entrepreneurs to get more customers from the internet - without sacrificing who they are. As a visibility trauma-informed practitioner, she provides social media marketing coaching, learning programs and custom content to women in business which includes mind & body work.

She is also a paid media strategist for a large public organization in Canada and runs Facebook ad campaigns for coaches and consultants. She started her career as a journalist in France and extended her career in Canada as a TV reporter. From being raised on a farm in France to graduating from La Sorbonne University in Paris, and King's College University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Angelique is a woman of many skills who is ready to serve the next great female entrepreneur who aligns with her business!

Anna Davis

Anna Davis is back after contributing a chapter to last year's second edition of the best selling series, Behind the Power. She is also now the proud founder and owner of Transformation Station, a sanctuary for healing and transforming anger.

She's an outspoken advocate/ally for any underdog. Bringing awareness to social justice for people, animals and Mother Earth. She enjoys repurposing items, with a goal of being zero waste.

After training as a mindset coach over the last year, she's developing 2 businesses to launch this year. While continuing to help people receive optimal whole food nutrition and "bridge the gap" with her Juice Plus business. With the message that Food is medicine.

She lives in the Florida Keys with her incredible husband of 41 years and their multiple rescue animals. She enjoys volunteering as a Tai Chi instructor and local branch council member.

She and her husband are also very excited to celebrate the marriage of their son and his amazing bride. She loves boating and snorkeling with the fishes in her island home.

Donna Walker

Donna Walker is a retired Foreign Language teacher certified in French and Gifted Education. Her degrees are a Bachelor of Arts in French; a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education; a Master of Science in Education. Donna taught in the Fulton County School System for 40 years.

Her leisure time is spent editing newsletters and playing outside with her two dogs, Abby and Tiana. Donna has entries in Who’s Who of American Women and has published poetry and made contributions in book series for writers who acknowledge their gratitude to her. She has spoken in National Teacher conferences on the teaching techniques of Joseph Renzuli for the gifted child. Donna meditates and clears her spirit with her seven circuit labyrinth centered with the Mayan Moon Goddess – Ixchel And The Rabbit. She is a native of Austin, Texas and currently lives in Roswell, Georgia.

Heather Doran

Heather started a bookkeeping business, helping new entrepreneurs understand their finances. Soon after, she realized so many people were avoiding their finances. Not only their business finances, but their personal finances too! It became her mission to understand why so many people could not seem to do something as simple as look at their bank account.

This is when she realized it was more than a money problem. It was a thinking problem. It was a belief problem. After more training and certifications, she discovered it is a deeply embedded trauma response and fear is running the show of our lives, but only masked with the belief of being a problem with money.

How many times have you said to yourself, "I'm just not good with money!" The truth is, you know exactly what to do with your money. You just don't know how to overcome the fear long enough to do the things you know can be done to accomplish your financial dreams.This is where Heather comes in. She works with you to understand why you are thinking and feeling the way you do. This leads to different behavior and eventually different outcomes. Before you know it, your life is wildly different!

Jennifer Etzwiler

Jennifer Etzwiler is an animal communicator, a best-selling author of Behind the Power, volumes 1 and 2, and sought after speaker who talks about finding non-traditional methods that help her to live with depression and manage substance addiction.

As a multifaceted animal communicator, Jennifer translates and facilitates effective communication between all kinds of animals and their people. When she isn’t translating for animals and their people, she can be found guest appearing on podcasts and enjoying creative hobbies like sewing, knitting, and jewelry making.

If you are curious about what your animal friend might be saying to the next door neighbor’s cat, or thinking when you walk through the door, she can help with that. Jennifer is passionate about helping your pet feel heard and finding solutions that work for the whole family. You can contact her for animal communication or possible collaborations through her website at jenniferetzwiler.com.

John Cole

John R. Cole is a recovering codependent who is only now discovering his true, authentic self. He retired from the Coast Guard after 35-years and is now a full-time artist who uses his talents to bring joy to the lives of others.

When not creating, he is writing. He is a best-selling author, appearing in the 2022 smash “Behind the Power: You’re Not Crazy, You Are Powerful” by Allyson Roberts and the author of more than 14 books including an autobiography and a graphic novel. He holds an AAS, BS, and MS in Information Technology and a BA in Graphic Design. You can connect with John at johncoleartist@gmail.com.

Karen Albert

Karen Albert is an entrepreneur and go-getter at heart. She and her husband own a local IT company, Computer Port, Inc., founded in 1997. Her passion for travel, business, and nonprofit leadership runs deep. She is experienced in executive administrative roles where she served on Waldorf School leadership teams and committees such as the Board, Finance, Development, Outreach, School Delegate for the Association of Waldorf Schools, Northeast Region, and as an Administrative Mentor. Karen has worked in adult health care, supporting caregivers of older adults with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and more recently as Director of Development for a non-profit homeless organization. She is highly skilled in Nonprofit administration, development, governance and organizational change. A true New Englander, Karen loves the outdoors in all seasons. You can find her paddling on New Hampshire lakes, walking the beaches on the Coast of Maine in the summer, hiking trails in spring and fall and cross-country skiing in the winter. Her love for travel, her family, and their dog Corvid fills her heart. Reach out to Karen at karenbalbert@gmail.com or linkedin.com/in/karenbalbertnh to learn more about how she can help you release your past and embrace your uplevel future!

Mark de Cordoba

Mark is a healthcare program manager with over twelve years delivering major projects in faith-based care settings for the benefit of caregivers and their patients. Before that, he worked in several technology management and consulting roles at Fortune 500 companies, traveling throughout the U.S. to assist clients in the design and implementation of software applications, business change processes, and enterprise program and portfolio tools. Mark has a BA in Business Information Systems and International Business from the University of Colorado, as well as a Master’s degree in Technical Management from the University of Denver. He was also able to realize his passion for travel and learning with a study year abroad at the University of Lancaster, UK, and immersive Italian studies at L’Universita per Stranieri in Perugia, Italy.

Mark enjoys biking, hiking and playing in the snow with his grandkids and Skittles, his mischievous Maltipoo, in his native Colorado. In addition to growing in the Unapologetic Power program, he is focusing on his next adventures, including mastering percussion and learning piano, journaling, writing, learning new languages, and this year is planning a return trip to Italy.

Lucinda Bentley

Lucinda Bentley is in active recovery from the expired stories she has been living. She is currently pursuing a life full of amazing love and joy, grace and simplicity. She surrounds herself with like minded souls and celebrates each one’s successes as though they were her own - she is so happy for those souls as they grow!

Lucinda is a talented intuitive and pulls from years of experiences, hours of study, and blood, sweat, and tears - to pass on intuitive information. Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Rues, Pendulums, and Spirit Boards - all in her recent studies. Trained as a Wiccan Priestess many years ago, she has dedicated her life to the service of the Goddess and all her creatures, large and small, and has a successful and fulfilling solitary spiritual practice. Being in the company of animals is one of the biggest joys of her life. Her hours spent volunteering at local Sanctuaries or shelters are love offerings.

Lucinda is adept at many things, as life experiences do teach us much! She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Human Services minor. Having worked in the professional Emergency Services field, she has a passion for helping people and animals find their way through the chaos of this life. She helps you to lean-in and feel your purpose. She is often barefoot and prefers that to wearing shoes.

Michelle Sullivan

Michelle Sullivan is a Life Coach specializing in trauma and grief. She is passionate about connecting with people. She is a heart warrior and has a true gift of connecting with others through coaching, which allows them to be seen and heard. Her clients will work with her for long periods of time due to the results that they experience in their own lives.

She is a best-selling author and is currently writing a book for children of all ages that guides the reader through the journey of finding their authentic self and healing the inner ouch of the heart. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she has bravely fought her way through conquering the demons of the past and has a clear vision of how to support others that may have experienced trauma, as well.

Her hobbies include doodling and watercolor painting. She loves to bird watch, hike, ride her bike and roller-skate in the mountains of Western North Carolina. She shares her life with her partner, Jp and their 2 dogs Roxie the Doxie and Sadie. Empty nesting has allowed more time for play and travel. Her 2 daughters are thriving in the world and she has created a new life for herself.

There is life after the baby birds fly the nest!

Save My Seat!

A recap of what you will get at BEHIND THE POWER

  • A Welcome Reception Tuesday evening Come break the ice with us as you network with other Thought Leaders and meet new like-minded humans who also want more from life
  • A Gorgeous Hotel Experience Villa Cristina Hyatt is set off the main road surrounded by gorgeous grounds providing privacy and beauty. The hotel receives 10-star reviews on a regular basis due to their high guest standards and satisfaction. The rooms are well equipped including refrigerators and scenic views.
  • Exceptional Meals An award-winning chef is preparing daily breakfasts, lunches, and a very special dinner for which you are all invited to attend. Each of you are VIP and will be catered to during the entire event. *Gluten free and vegan options available
  • Workbooks + Growth Tools There is no need to bring a journal, pens or highlighters. You’ll receive a workbook with power-packed enhancements along with a journal that will carry you through our extended two weeks togethe and beyond.
  • Hot-Seat Coaching Allyson selects random people from the audience to take a seat next to her on stage. Her intuitive guidance is like no other. This mixed with her more than twenty years of leading her clients to their greatest potential is why people purchase tickets in hopes of being selected for these opportunities alone.
  • Meditations, Emotional Freedom Technique And Visualization It is widely known that Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Muhammed Ali, Oprah Winfrey and many others have used these spiritual techniques as a way of assisting their thoughts in becoming reality. We will be bringing your dreams into existence using these same tools.
  • Our Exclusive Two-Week Accountability Private Club Following our live event, you will receive an additional two weeks of guidance and implementation of your primary intention that you will set the first day of Behind the Power. During these two weeks, you will have access to our coaches for support and guidance. During the two Zoom sessions, you can share challenges, ask questions, and celebrate each other.

“I’ve worked with Allyson for over three years as my life and career have grown, been challenged through COVID-19 and other family issues, and still exceeded all expectation. Allyson deeply cares about her clients whether it’s during a live event or an extended program. I cannot express enough how life changes when you follow her guidance.” Misty Blakesly

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